Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Light Oat Bread

1 1/4 C warm water
2 Tbsp margarine-I used butter
1 tsp salt
3 C flour...I used 1&1/2c.whole wheat flour and 1&1/2c.unbleached flour.
1/2 C rolled oats
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp yeast
Add all to bread machine in order recommended by your machine's manufacturer. Set to regular light setting.

I added the water, yeast and sugar to the pan first and let them sit while I got everything else out.
Check on the dough for the first 10 minutes, it needs to be clearing the walls of the bread machine and start to look dry (not sticky). Add more flour, a very little at a time, if you need to.
I chose to use the bread machine for mixing and the first rise only (dough cycle), took it out at that point and flattened it into a rectangle (on floured surface) about as wide as my bread pan, rolled it up, tucked the ends under and let it rise in the bread pan until it crested the top of the pan by about 1"-approx 25 minutes. I baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
If you don't have a bread machine you can surely make it by hand.

I haven't officially tried this but plan on it this weekend


Felisol said...

Yummi. Nothing beats the smell of home baked bread.
It's healthy and it's delicious. I'm glad the scientists have concluded that butter is "legal" again.
It's so much better than margarine.
A friend of mine once said, "Elise, you are baking so seldom. Then use the best ingredients when you are making something, whether it's a cake, cookies or bread. I've stuck to that, and the results have improved.

Mrs. Mac said...

Yea .. a new recipe to try! I bake bread every Monday ..