Monday, October 12, 2009


Look what I did! Yes, I am getting back to more microwave popcorn! I put canola oil in the pan and when heated added yellow popcorn. Pop...Pop...Pop.
What a wonderfully familiar sound!

When finished popping I put it in this 40 year old Pyrex bowl that I got at my Wedding Shower. Sprinkled it with Sea Salt and Oh, honey! As Tomer and I were happily munching, he says "it smells like the Pine House in here" (the Pine House is where he grew up) My answer..." smells like home." Sigh...


Mrs. Mac said...

Trish, this is THE best way to make popcorn!! thanks for sharing a great time honored way to make a snack .. no comparison .. that microwave stuff!!

Felisol said...

Agree with the Mrs. above.
And "home made" popcorn is cheaper too.
From Felisol

Margie said...

that's awesome!! I'm having a sleepover with my ninth grade girls, I'll take them back old school!!